Creating a family-friendly culture that inspires success and a LOVE FOR DANCE!

At Kick It Up A Notch, we believe:

  • Every student should have the opportunity to experience high-quality teaching that teaches strong foundations and inspires a love for dance.
  • Every student belongs at the studio - regardless of age, body type, and skill level. Connection to the dancers, instructors and families is of the utmost importance. 
  • Every student flourishes in a supportive, respectful, and family-friendly culture in which staff, students, and families show humility and continual encouragement for each other.
  • Each should be dedicated with a strong work ethic all driven by a passion for dance
  • Time at the studio should be purposeful and meaningful and align with our vision of inspiring a love for dance. It is not always about the quantity of hours spent at the studio but more about the quality of hours spent with effective instructors and passionate dancers. 
  • Although our dancers do exceptionally well at competitions, they should dance for more than competitions; students should dance for themselves and others to spread joy and reach people far beyond the studio

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