2019-20 Schedule

Scheduling based on the needs of our dancers

As our dancers grow and the needs of our studio change, so does our schedule. The schedule is different each year but we work hard to ensure that we have multiple classes for students on the same days. We believe in family time so we try to avoid weekend classes; also, if we can have students at our studio for 3 days instead of 5 days, students may be at the studio for longer days but we hope this will help our families have more days together.

The DRAFT of the 2019-20 Schedule is below (subject to change based on enrolment - updated September 2, 2019). 

For competitive students, please note that the schedule may change based on enrolment so please register for the classes you want (rather than simply what works for you on the schedule) and then we can make adjustments so there are more back to back classes (and shorter breaks). 

Screen Shot 2019-09-07 at 1.10.16 PM.png
Screen Shot 2019-09-23 at 2.00.31 PM.png